Beef Up Your Sales with a Signature Line of Products

I was watching Leno last night. Blue collar comedian Jeff Foxworthy was on and one of the things he was promoting was his new, signature barbecue sauce. He alluded that someone just approached him with the idea and he liked it. This kind of joint venture happens a lot. And it’s a win-win-win deal … … Read more

Webolution: Blogging is Changing. Forever.

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial blogger or a corporate marketer, you need to know that blogging is going through some big changes. The blogs of tomorrow will not look like the blogs of today. This revolution on the web is happening because the internet is changing. There’s more. More video More users More site creators 2 … Read more

Customer Loyalty is all about Making Unconditional Connections

Most dogs can teach anyone more about loyalty in 10 minutes than all the classes, workshops, books and gurus on the subject combined. Dogs are intensely loyal. They’re good at it. They know the true secret; it’s unconditional. Because it’s not something you get. It’s something you give. 3 Quick Stories about Customer Loyalty In business, you … Read more

Find your Deal-Breakers and Fix Them to Capture more Sales

A deal-breaker is something a customer just can’t get past to make the purchase. If your products and services have too many built-in deal breakers, it could hurt your business. A Deal-Breaker Example I’ve been looking at buying a new laptop recently. I really like the Lenovo T61p. I like as much power as you … Read more

Building Alliances Between Your Customers that Bring You Business

Good business is all about building relationships. You want to KNOW the people you’re doing business with. You want to know that they’re knowledgeable and dependable. You want to know they’re the right supplier for your business or a good customer who pays their bills. Your business is counting on it. Building those relationships involves entertaining … Read more

Making Money with the Boom, Bust, Blitz

The standard business cycle lasts about 10 years. There’s also a bigger cycle called the long economic cycle which covers a span of 50 to 60 years. Both these cycles go through a boom, a bust, and a blitz, and at each of these stages there are some great opportunities. The key to making a … Read more

How to Capture Someone Else’s Market

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you’re probably a fan of The Discovery Channel’s hit show American Chopper about the innovative and entertaining crew at OCC. Here’s the catch; the show has a huge following of people who aren’t motorcycle fanatics at all. So the question is, how’d they do that? How did they reach a market … Read more

3 Simple Ways to Battle Procrastination

Our most valuable asset is time. Procrastination is the enemy of time. To tackle it, we have to take Sun Tzu’s advice; “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. So let’s get to know procrastination a little … 1. Noun: Procrastination (pro’krastu’neyshun): To postpone doing what one should be doing. The simple definition tells … Read more

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership … Challenge

If you’re like me, you’ve flipped through a few books on leadership and business. Well, when it comes to leadership, there’s only one book I couldn’t not buy. And that’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell. It’s a great book and the things John teaches should be practiced. So I’ve put … Read more