How to Hire the Superstars Your Company Needs

A couple friends that used to work for me recently asked me to be a reference for jobs they’re applying to. They’re both top-notch. They’re the kind of people that are a huge asset to a team. Which got me to thinking about how you find good people. People are a company’s most important asset. … Read more

So, What’s an Internet Millionaire Do on a Friday Night? … Launch BlogRush! is the flagship site of John Reese’s latest venture to help online entrepreneurs get traffic and make money on the internet. And the very first thing they’ve launched is BlogRush … a social widget to help bloggers increase their traffic and exposure. There are a few different incarnations of these widgets that help bloggers … Read more

Bridging the Gap: Arbitrage, Online and Off

I’ve been playing around with some online arbitrage lately. It’s something that you can do online and off, and although the margins can be very tight, arbitrage is scalable and relatively low risk as long as you stay on top of it. Online Arbitrage Despite what you might have heard, it’s a perfectly legitimate business … Read more

Top 10 Things Every Spammer Should Know

99% of the people on the planet want to kick your ass. Seriously. Learn about ROI. Sure, you hack other people’s networks to send spam and it doesn’t cost you any real cash to send emails and blog comments again and again to places where there is no return on your investment. But it costs you a … Read more