Marketing Genius: A 3 Step Plan

Arianny Celeste

To most people, this was just another cool slap-on-the-back, atta-boy, feel-good, internet story-of-the-moment.

To me, it’s marketing 101 genius.

The story, that ran around the web, soaking up it’s 15 minutes of fame is about a typical high school kid, Connor Cordova. And how he posted 3 YouTube videos asking superhot Maxim pinup model and UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste to be his prom date.

Of course, it’s only a story because she said yes.

The Mechanics of Good Marketing

The 3 step marketing plan I’m going to share with you is actually pretty simple.

But to get to it we have to look at a few of the marketing gems in this story first. This gives us the foundation we need to really understand the plan.

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