PicHey, this is Shane. First, thanks for coming by.

Create Some Zoom

Great success always comes quickly … especially after years of hard work.

In every crowd, there is someone who stands out. They rise above. They make the impossible happen every single moment of the day. They venture forward, connect with people, and construct amazing things and ideas.

In business, life … and whatever, they create zoom. Zoomstart is about creating zoom.

A Little About Me

My name is Shane Navratil (don’t worry; I could never pronounce it either).

Just the facts

  • Few things are more important than having breakfast with friends on Sunday. We’ve been getting together regularly for years. It’s the birthplace of many insanely great ideas and experiences.
  • I have an insatiable curiosity. Especially for insanely great ideas and experiences.

Jump in and get wet

I managed a large bottled water plant for a number of years. This is where I discovered how much I love the art and science of business. The bottled water industry is tough. Most people think it’s a goldmine, (it was at one time), but it’s a very tough business.

No matter what business you’re in, or how competitive it is, there are things that work in creating a healthy business model. And things that don’t. I’m lucky to have seen and done both.


Occasionally, I sit on the CRC board for SEEDS which is a great little organization that helps aspiring entrepreneurs start their own business. I work with other members to assess the business plans that SEEDS candidates have prepared. After we hear their pitch, we give them a thumbs up, thumbs down, or a to-do list of things they need to make happen before they can gain startup funding.

It’s a lot of fun. I wish I had more time for it.

Steamwire Media

My company. I’ve been developing a few internet properties since 2006. I started by developing and selling various downloadable business documents over the internet.

A lot of the sites I surf these days are blogs. When you find great ones, there’s nothing like them as far as getting unique and interesting perspectives. There’s a lot of talent out there.

Zoomstart is part of Steamwire Media and it’s all about creating zoom!

Browse around. Enjoy the site. Or hit the Contact page and give me a shout.

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