Blog Action Day 2007: The Environment

Small blue planet

We live on a small blue planet. It’s an island. A reef. A forest and a beach. And it’s the only … the only one we have.

We are many. Some days, too many. And even though it sometimes seems the world is not enough, we have to remember …

That’s not our choice. It has to be.

Take care of it.


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  1. Check out this US Carbon Footprint Map, an interactive United States Carbon Footprint Map, illustrating Greenest States to Cities. This site has all sorts of stats on individual State & City energy consumptions, demographics and much more down to your local US City level…

  2. […] There’s been a lot of talk about this in the “blogosphere” lately, and for good reasons. We’re all in this together, we all live on the same Earth. And it’s the only one we have… […]

  3. Hi Ed,

    Very interesting map. Really shows where progress needs to be made … sort of a “naughty and nice” list. Especially when you look at it in order of per capita.

    Hey Dave,

    Al Gore has done a lot to promote the cause of global warming. Changes need to be made, and the people ignoring the warnings do so in pursuit of a dollar today at the expense of everything tomorrow. That’s a hardline business strategy and it works. But it only goes so far and there is no merger, buyout, market expansion, IPO, or Chapter 11 that’s going to get us out of it when we’re talking about the planet.

  4. Thank you for participating in Blog Action Day. Thank you for mentioning the rain forests.

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    Thank you.


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