Always, Always Keep Your Eye On Good People

Business CardsIt’s hard to find good people. Really hard.

I have a whole binder full of business cards and phone numbers of tradespeople, suppliers, former clients, and people that used to work for me.

Right now, I’m involved in a great little startup company. I pulled a pile of business cards out of my big binder and started a new binder that’s focused on what I need for this startup.

Of course, with any new adventure, there are always new people and new companies that you’re going to have to bring in to help you put things together. And this is where it gets interesting.

The people already in my binder have been short-listed because I already know they do great work. As I’ve called on them, they’ve been ready, willing and able to step up and come through for me on whatever I need.

As with the NEW suppliers and tradespeople I’ve been talking to … some of them have been great. They’re going to make the short-list and become people I call on regularly. Others won’t.

Finding Good People

Here’s a quick list of how I find and deal with new people:

  • Keep track of good people. Always
  • Get referrals from people whose judgement you trust and respect
  • Use an agency to pre-screen candidates (Be careful. Only good agencies send you good people)
  • If someone isn’t right for what you need, don’t invest time in them. Cut them loose and keep looking
  • Experience is invaluable, but I’ll take brains and attitude over experience most days

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