Lost In January. No.


I’m in a jam. A big, big jam. And as I sit here thinking about it, I realize that nothing short of a full-scale riot can get me out of it.

I guess I better start at the beginning …

I watch about 5 or 6 hours of tv a week (manic, I know). Mostly news, and a little Leno. But one of those hours every week is dedicated to watching Lost. Well, a few days ago Mark Robinson picked up a story that was reported by Kristin Veitch on E! Online. Kristin got the news from her partner Marc Malkin who got it from sources inside ABC.

Still with me?

The news is this: Lost will not be returning in the fall. Instead, after this season concludes, it’s slated to not return again until January 2008.

Now I can deal with this. But the problem is, there’s a certain somebody around here and I’m directly responsible for getting her hooked on Lost. Yes, she’s a Lost junkie. And it’s all my fault.

It’s already been 3 or 4 days since I heard the news and I haven’t told her. And I can hear it now; “How long have you known about this?!!”. You know the answer. Too long. The only thing that’s gonna get me out of this is if Lost is ready to rock and roll come fall.

Here’s What You Can Do

I threw a few ideas together …

  • You can contact ABC and just tell them no. Lost in January. No.
  • Write your own blog post with a link to the Lost website. Maybe a couple million pings will get their attention. Make sure that somewhere in your post you make it clear; Lost in January. No.
  • Tell Shoemoney. Hey, he’s a big dog in the blogging world and an avid Lost fan. Maybe he can pull some strings and get me out of this mess.
  • I found a fan site where you can express some discourse. Check out lost-tv.
  • And last, well, we all know that Kevin Rose loves a good riot. Come on Kevin. Lost in January. No.

I know I got myself into this mess …

Maybe I should just tell her and get it over with.

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  1. You know, as popular as this show is, I’ve never watched it. I hear people talk about it regularly, but I’ve never sat to give it my attention…….

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