Love Your Competition. Their Job Is To Make You Better

ScoreboardWhenever I surf into a blog that’s built with Typepad I wonder why anyone would do that. And then I smile and I’m glad they did. They help make WordPress better.

I’m not trying to knock Typepad and rave about the wonders of WordPress. We all have our own reasons for why we like the things we do. The point is, both blogging platforms help make the other better through the spirit of competition.

In business, and a lot of things, it’s usually better to play your own game rather than play someone else’s. It helps you focus on moving forward. Keep your eye on the targets of progress, growth and success rather than on the competition.

But you can’t completely ignore your competition either. To survive, your goals have to meet or exceed theirs. Your amazing ability to create new products, services or innovative features has to meet or exceed theirs. You have to embrace change, new standards and technologies, and the future as much as they do.

So you have to check out what your competition is doing every once in a while. Keep score. Adjust your goals. Get up to speed. Brainstorm your next innovation. And be better than you were. Better than they are, and better than they will be in the future.

Your competition has one job. To make you better. Think of them as your training partner. High level athletes use training partners to help push them further. The better your partner is, the harder they’re going to push you. And the further you’re going to go.

Let your competition inspire you. They will. You can plan on it.