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ClickOn business, the net and whatever, here are some posts around the web I enjoyed in the last couple days. They’re worth checking out …

Garr Reynolds has a post with great tips for increasing the signal and reducing the noise of your powerpoint presentations at Presentation Zen. The before and after pics really illustrate the difference between a great pp slide and noise.

Steve Roesler talks about turning your weaknesses into strengths by asking yourself “What is it you can’t not do”? The next question you should be asking is “How can I not make money if I do what I can’t not do”?

Mitchell Harper presents some tips for adding a forum to your blog. I got an email a couple weeks ago that sparked a big idea for future development. In the meantime I need to learn everything I can about forums.

Mark Shead provides some helpful links to help you deal with email overload. I always love it when people have to “deal” with a technology that’s supposed to make life easier. Fight back! Don’t be a slave to your email.

Bes Zain helps you with your verbal judo. Go. Become wise grasshopper.

Scrivs weighs in on blogging by the second with Twitter. A blog post or three a day just isn’t enough if you want to be famous for being famous.

And Jonathan Phillips at Smart Wealthy Rich will help you rediscover communication. Real communication. Just in case you don’t want to be famous for being famous.

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    Great post you wrote on communication. I think people sometimes forget how important it is to really communicate. Especially if you want to be smart, wealthy and rich!

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