Huffington Post Starts The “Political Digg” With Huffit

Huff ItHuff It? Huffing? Are you a Huffer?

There are no heated debates or flame wars on the internet like there are on political blogs like Huffpo. Usually they only happen on Liberal sites like Huffpo because most of the Conservative blog sites mediate out a lot of criticism.

Voting And Politics … Hand In Hand

Huffpo Is Going 2.0. I recieved an email the other day about something new they’re starting. You might be familiar with a little site called Digg. Everybody wants to be Digg. Submit stories. Vote on stories … but it is kind of an interesting idea to allow people to vote on a political blog.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

HuffIt is still in its very early stages and we will be making lots of improvements in the coming months but we want to invite you to be among the first group to use it.  As soon as you register, you can start:

  • Reading the most interesting stories found by the Huff Post community.
  • Voting for stories you think should be on the Huffington Post
  • Saving and sharing your favorite news stories on your own personal page on the Huffington Post site.

When you see a news story you like, you just press the “Huff It” button to vote, share and save–all with just 1 click. It may take a few minutes to get the full scope of the site but you will be huffing like a pro before you know it.
~ Wendy Cohen

Of course, with all the talk about Digg-rigging these days, you have to wonder; who’s going to be stuffing the ballot boxes on HuffIt?

Start Your Own Digg Site With WordPress

Just kidding. It’s not going to happen unless you’re a mad, mad programmer. The closest you’re going to get is by using a poll plugin like democracy or wp-polls.

If you seriously want to start your own Digg clone, then you’re going to have to abandon WordPress and go with a CMS package like Pligg that supports story submissions and voting. And just like WordPress, Pligg is completely free.