Plan With Your Head, and Execute With Your Heart

It really is all about balance, and you can apply this idea to anything that you do. And to show you the power of the head and the heart together, I’m going to apply it to art, so you can “see” just how powerful this is.

1. First, we start with the head

This first painting is by world renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman and it’s called Alaska Light. The exactness and detail put it on the “head” end of the balance scale. But … and excuse my criticism here, there’s something missing. It’s flat. Static. We need to head to the other end of the scale …

2. Second, we find the heart

This painting is called Number 8 and it’s by Jackson Pollock. And it’s all heart and emotion and movement. And while it’s not a picture of “anything” in particular, it has something that a snapshot of scenery doesn’t have … a pulse. It moves. Even though we don’t know what it is, somewhere in that chaos we know it’s alive. But still, something’s missing …

3. Finally, we find the head and the heart together

This drawing is by Kamil Smala and I urge you to check out his portfolio on Deviant Art. I have no business taking anything away from the brilliant works of Bateman or Pollock … but this … this is a masterpiece. This is profound. This is what happens when the head and the heart come together. When you combine technical skill and exactness with passion and fluidity. When the detail and realism is astounding, but the chaos and imperfections make it real and pump life and movement into it.

This is balance.

Plan with your head. And execute with your heart.