Six Degrees Of Recreation

6 Degrees of Separation

I spent most of this last weekend out enjoying myself. I was getting some of my most important tasks done you might say.

People connect with each other in all sorts of situations. But none greater than when everybody is having a good time. That’s why golf and doing lunch are so heavily prioritized in many successful business schedules.

Six Degrees

The idea of six degrees of separation was popularized by the movie of the same name. The idea is that everyone on the planet is connected to every other person through, at most, a chain of 6 different people. Jack knows Marie, who knows Fred, who knows Bill, who knows Stacy, who knows Jill. And that’s how Jack is connected to Jill.

There’s also the party game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The object is to connect someone to actor Kevin Bacon through a series of  people who have worked together on different movies.


There are quite a few places and situations that are good for connecting people with people. Here are a few:

  • At work or school
  • At home
  • During events, and gatherings
  • Through travel and wanderings
  • During tense situations
  • Through reaching out

When people are having a great time, positive connections happen because everybody is upbeat and having a great time. So the main conduit for connecting with people that’s used the most and is the most effective is recreation.

And the more fun you have, the more connections you make.

These connections introduce new perspectives and new perceptions outside of your own. They open up the world, and the knowledge gained through diverse experiences, situations, and people is that of the whole world.

I connected with some people I hadn’t seen for a little while and made some new friends as well. I learned a few things and learned more about a few others. I ate a lot of great food, discovered a few new places, and at the end of it all, I used the recharge to get quite a few other things on my to-do list done as well. It was all time well spent.

Our lives are about the connections between us. Some are strong, lifelong, while others are fleeting or acquainted. Investing in our connections with others is important. They’re the most valuable things we have. A price can’t be put on them; they’re an investment of our time, of our lives.

So have the time of your life. And spend it connecting with others.

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