Technorati Blog Claiming

Technorati mastheadThis post has only one function. Okay, actually it has two.

The main function is to have a post with my Technorati blog claim code embedded in it so that Technorati can verify that this is my blog and list it under my profile. Here’s the tag!

Technorati Profile

If that’s all this post was for, then it wouldn’t make much sense to keep it around once the Technorati spiders verifed my ownership of Zoomstart (the post could be deleted once Technorati finishes verification).

I figured “Hey, while I’m here, why not write a decent post and keep it around”

About Technorati

As I’m writing this, Technorati tracks over 66 million blogs. Not every blog they track is a member, but it’s safe to say, they have a pretty large network of users. It’s a great place to network and get the word out about your blog. Here are some of the features they have:

  1. Your Profile. Lets people know a little about you and your blog. It’s always good to put a picture in your Technorati profile. It’s going to be small (64 x 64 pixels). They feature newly claimed blogs on their homepage and they do this by showing your profile picture as an icon that clicks through to your profile which links to your blog.
  2. Tags. Technorati loves tags. There are different ways to tag your blog posts so people can find them when they do a search for specific keywords (tags). If you use WordPress, you can use a plugin like Ultimate Tag Warrior to make it easy. If you don’t use tags, Technorati users can still find you by searching for keywords that are contained in your post.
  3. Linking. Technorati track blogs that you link to, and other blogs that link to you. When other blogs link to you, your ranking goes up. As your ranking goes up, your blog has more visibility which makes it easier for people to find you.

So that gives you a bit of an idea of what Technorati is all about. It’s about networking, visibility, and ultimately bringing traffic to your blog. And after all, you’re writing to be read right?

At the end of the day, great content is what you will link to and it’s what will get others to link to you. Technorati’s job is to help everybody do that and to create a hub where cool, new, and intersting things can be found. It’s about keeping the conversation alive and flowing.

And who knows, if you become a top 100 ranked blogger like Shoemoney, you could really get the word out about your blog because major mainstream media publishers (tv, radio, newspapers) are always keeping an eye out for what’s hot on the net.