Love Your Competition. Their Job Is To Make You Better

Whenever I surf into a blog that’s built with Typepad I wonder why anyone would do that. And then I smile and I’m glad they did. They help make WordPress better. I’m not trying to knock Typepad and rave about the wonders of WordPress. We all have our own reasons for why we like the … Read more

The Nirvana Business Model For New Entrepreneurs

Love what you do. Nothing illustrates this better than the recent CommunityNext panel of successful web developers moderated by Guy Kawasaki. You can see the whole video on Guy’s blog. The panel featured Sean Suhl, Akash Garg, Drew Curtis, Marcus Frind, Max Levchin and James Hong. These entrepreneurs have all built their success without following … Read more

The Internet As A Creative Currency Zone

When someone says the word currency, most people automatically think money. Paper money. Dollar bills. But the internet is changing that thinking in some big ways. Money is just a common and convenient medium of exchange. It’s easier to attach a common market value to everyday items we purchase with a universally accepted form of … Read more

Protect Your Company From Industrial Espionage

I’m guessing that shortly after the first wheel was invented by someone, someone else came along and stole it. Or at least the idea of it. Industrial espionage is not James Bond stuff. It’s just not that sexy. It’s more like Marc Barry stuff most of the time. If you’ve seen the movie The Corporation, … Read more

Format Wars: The Game’s Chess, Not Checkers

Developing and licensing technologies is a very lucrative business. There is a format war happening right now between HD DVD and Blu-ray. The prize for winning the war and becoming the standard technology used by everyone is the right to get a piece of every high definition video disc produced by licensing the format technology … Read more

How To Turn Your Job Into Your Own Business

You can make more money with your own business than you can make anywhere else. Better than a great salary or investing in stocks or real estate, a successful business has the potential to make a lot of money. If it’s your business, you’re the one making that money. Types Of Jobs You Can Turn … Read more

Security: Hard Targeting Your Business

One of the most important things to protect your business against is the classic B&E. Businesses are always good candidates for thieves to commit a break and enter crime because they usually have: Things of value No one around at night I’ve had a few break-ins occur and I know several other businesses who have … Read more

Technorati Blog Claiming

This post has only one function. Okay, actually it has two. The main function is to have a post with my Technorati blog claim code embedded in it so that Technorati can verify that this is my blog and list it under my profile. Here’s the tag! Technorati Profile If that’s all this post was for, … Read more

The Difference Between Ethics And Integrity

Ethics In General If you understand that ethics is a set of standardized rules for conducting yourself morally, then it’s easy to see that ethics is a lot like the tax code. It’s a system where people are looking for loopholes and shelters. They’re looking to get away with whatever they can while still staying … Read more