Investing In Rental Property … Bubble Or No Bubble

There’s still a good buck to be made. Despite the fact that we’re in the largest housing price bubble in history. And despite the fact that subprime lenders are losing their shirts thanks to a massive spike in foreclosures … you can still get into investing in rental properties with the right opportunity. And that’s … Read more

Leviathan Ran. And Other Free Associations

There’s a lot of chatter lately about how difficult it is to write a blog. After a while, a lot of people just run out of ideas and throw in the towel. Maybe this will help …  Blogging is about writing, more than anything else. And you have to exercise that.  This is a creative writing … Read more

Leverage. It’s How You Make Big Money In Anything

A good buddy of mine is quitting his 9 to 5er to start his own business. The first step is to start small. The second step is to apply the concept of leverage to really build it into something. The idea of OPM (using other people’s money) to magnify your position is well understood. Especially … Read more

The Art Of Balance

There are two great disciplines in art that stand opposite one another. And you can throw the concept at business or any other endeavor you choose. It sticks. And rather than being a master of one or the other, having a balance between them is what’s truly awe inspiring. Walking past a gallery, I saw … Read more

Top Branded Companies: The Perfect Plan

A couple years ago I did a basic study of some well branded companies just to see what they spend on sales and marketing. The results … just might be the perfect plan. At the very least, you can get a real idea of what an optimum mix of expenses and profit might be when … Read more

Riding The Big Swing Of Success

A lot of new entrepreneurs start out with one goal … to make that big “lottery ticket” sale that will instantly rocket them onto easy street. It’s about as easy to do as winning the lottery. We all hear about the successful business-lottery winners. No one hears about the thousands of businesses that fail to … Read more

Six Degrees Of Recreation

I spent most of this last weekend out enjoying myself. I was getting some of my most important tasks done you might say. People connect with each other in all sorts of situations. But none greater than when everybody is having a good time. That’s why golf and doing lunch are so heavily prioritized in … Read more

Mitsubishi Delica … It’s The New VW Van

Here’s something cool for the “Whatsis” category. The old Volkswagon Westfalia vans have always been popular and they still are. But they’re all 30 years old and it’s harder and harder to find one in decent condition. Well there’s a new successor to the throne. And even VW diehards are saying “that’s pretty cool”. My … Read more

The Importance Of A Team

You need a team effort to win, and mathematicians are proving that the team effort is your best chance of winning. Quadzilla puts a little black hat / white hat terminology on a unique problem reported by Sara Robinson that mathematicians and coders are trying to figure out. It’s called the hat problem and was created … Read more