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How to Change Your Email Signature on your BlackBerry


A lot of people want to add a multiple line email signature right on the device itself. Here’s how:

  1. Hit your menu key and open up the MemoPad app (yep, that’s the trick)
  2. Type in your contact info, using the enter key to create separate lines for name, phone, fax, etc. It’s also a good idea to hit enter at the start to create a blank line at the top of the memo
  3. Hit the menu key and press “Select” which allows you to highlight the text. Then use the trackball to highlight all the text including your blank line at the top
  4. Hit the menu button again and press “Copy”
  5. Now … hit the red “hang-up” button which takes you back to your apps icons. Select “E-mail Settings”
  6. Use the trackball to hover over “Edit” under the appropriate email address and click the trackball
  7. Scroll down to the “Signature” field. Hit the menu button and press “Paste”. Scroll down to the bottom to highlight “Save”. Click it
  8. The dishes are done.

Send yourself an email to test that it’s working (Note: your signature is attached and doesn’t show when you compose an email on your Blackberry).

Hopefully this will save you the hour and a half I wasted tooling around with this … Digg it! Reddit Yahoo Comments (11)