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Snapstart Business Forms

Projecting a professional image is important in business. Especially for small businesses. The last thing you want to do is hand a client an invoice you scribbled out in pencil on a piece of lined paper you ripped out of a 3 ring binder.

If you have a small business, a good set of business forms can run your company without the costs of buying and managing an accounting package. And if you’re on the road frequently and find you can’t access your company system, cranking out an invoice or whatever on the go keeps the business rolling forward. 

Snap*start Business Forms

One of the first things I created when I started messing around online was a package of professional business forms. There are lots of free forms around the internet, but most of them are not very high quality. The Snap*start package is. These are real forms; the kind that million dollar businesses use every day and they’ve come in very handy for me.

And best of all, they’re free!

To get Snap*start, just subscribe to my RSS feed or to Email Updates and at the end of each blog post is a link to download your copy.

It’s a zip archive, so after you download it, right click the file and choose “extract all” to pull all the docs out of the archive. The forms work with Microsoft Word and Excel and the freely available

Forms in the Package

Here a list of forms in the package. Some of them are in both Word and Excel, so use whichever program you’re more comfortable with; the Excel forms have certain auto-calculations already set up. There’s a basic instruction sheet and all the forms contain sample information to guide you through them:

  • Annual Budget
  • Bill of Sale
  • Cash Deposit
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Contact Sales Sheet
  • Customer Credit Application
  • Demand Promissory Note
  • Direct Deposit
  • Employee Time Card
  • Employment Application and Info-card
  • End-of-Shift Register Closeout
  • Expense and Mileage Report
  • Fax Cover Sheet
  • Inventory
  • Invoice
  • Payroll Advisory
  • Payroll Summary
  • Petty Cash Journal
  • Petty Cash Voucher
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Log
  • Purchasing Forecast
  • Product Supply Agreement
  • Product Line Card
  • Quotation
  • Sales Order

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  1. Hi Shane,

    Thats a neat order mate. To be successful in todays business world, you got to be professional in every department, the forms you described above would certainly get more and quicker attention. I just subscribed, thanks a lot.

    Take care and cheers

  2. Hey Robin,

    Thanks. I hope you get lots of use out of the forms. Since I created them, they’ve helped me immensely when I needed something quickly.

  3. Hey Shane, that’s awesome! I’m sure I know some people (readers) who will be interested in this 🙂

  4. Thanks Jon,

    They’re a good asset for any entrepreneur or freelancer!

  5. thanks bud I really look foward to reading your blog and thanks for the forms

  6. Sure thing Andrew,

    And welcome aboard!

  7. This is great info to know.

  8. Perfect!

    My brother just started a company and wanted me to find some resources for him, this hits the nail right on the head 🙂


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