Trader Tom Strikes Again

A couple weeks ago, my good buddy Tom made 25% overnight by betting on bad news in the stock market. It’s a great example of how there’s opportunity in adversity. Well, he’s done it again. But this time he put his money down on good news. About 3 weeks ago he bought into a company called Radiant … Read more

The Real Million Dollar Man

Here’s a million dollar idea … for somebody. Usually, when you sit around and talk about famous million dollar ideas, you get a few of your own. Now I’m not going to do this … but someone might. The idea came up when I was talking with a buddy of mine about Alex Tew’s incredibly successful million dollar … Read more

Is Yahoo Preparing For A Takeover?

When Shoemoney first predicted that Yahoo would be acquired by Microsoft in 2007, I thought he was right on the money (no pun intended … okay, maybe a little). Since then, there’s been a fair amount of chatter about how Yahoo is selling paid inclusion into it’s organic search results. There’s the odd person that … Read more

Cats, Rats, And Stocks

If you have a sick pet right now, you don’t want to hear this. And I don’t blame you one bit. But the truth is, there’s opportunity in adversity, and this story illustrates that. The world is tough. It’s even a little mean sometimes. A good friend of mine has been dabbling in online stock … Read more

Make 300% On Your Money … With Cereal?

I had to laugh at first. But it’s actually a pretty good deal when you look at the ROI. You might even call it an investment wave … A friend of mine went out and bought an armload of cereal. She likes going to the movies and General Mills’ latest promotion was just too good … Read more

The Internet As A Creative Currency Zone

When someone says the word currency, most people automatically think money. Paper money. Dollar bills. But the internet is changing that thinking in some big ways. Money is just a common and convenient medium of exchange. It’s easier to attach a common market value to everyday items we purchase with a universally accepted form of … Read more

Investing In Waves

Calm days are not very good for sailing. Funny enough, they’re not very good for investing either. Housing Prices Vs Inflation Robert J Shiller, A Professor of Economics at Yale, showed how housing prices (after being adjusted for inflation) have not changed much since 1890. There were ups and downs, but overall the price of … Read more

The US Senate Votes To Raise The Minimum Wage

The debate over whether or not to raise the minimum wage is always heated. Politicians always talk in circles on this (and most) issues, so most people don’t get a full understanding of why it’s so controversial or how it affects them. A lot of people see this as big business vs the little guy, … Read more