The Real Million Dollar Man

Logo ManHere’s a million dollar idea … for somebody.

Usually, when you sit around and talk about famous million dollar ideas, you get a few of your own. Now I’m not going to do this … but someone might.

The idea came up when I was talking with a buddy of mine about Alex Tew’s incredibly successful million dollar home page. Check out the site and read the blog there if you’re not familiar with the story.

The first idea that always comes up when you discuss a great idea that actually worked is “Hey, we should do that”. That’s always a bad idea. It’s simply impossible to get the same kind of buzz factor that the original idea generated with a copycat project. On top of that, you always generate a lot of negative buzz as a copycat.

And then I got a brainstorm. Instead of the million dollar home page … how about the million dollar man!

Here’s How It Works

Instead of selling pixels on a webpage for a dollar each, you’re selling millimeters. Of skin. There are about 25 millimeters in an inch so that’s 625 square mm per square inch. That works out to $625 per square inch of real estate. What you’re selling is advertising. Tattooed on. Permanently.

All the way up until you’ve got 1600 square inches of skin covered in corporate logos. That’s a million dollars. And that’s the real million dollar man.

How Do You Do It?

Like any business idea, you have to get out and sell that ad space. Publicity, publicity, publicity. And this definitely has buzz factor. But publicity is not enough. You have to actively contact potential advertisers. And you have to keep doing that until all the ad space is sold.

The other thing you have to put together is a way to display the ads so advertisers get some kind of real benefit from it. This might involve some combination of public appearances and maybe even a book deal that tells the story and features photographs of all the artwork.

The last thing you need to pull this off is a whole lot of “crazy”. I said it was a million dollar idea. I didn’t say it was going to be sane.

6 thoughts on “The Real Million Dollar Man”

  1. I wonder if anyone would really have the balls to do that..I can see it now, a person walking around with a fat tatoo on their forehead “GOOGLE”

  2. LOL. This is a funny one. Whoever decides to try to pull it off will be deemed a sell-out idiot. You are definitely thinking outside of the box though and that is how successful ideas are born.

  3. We were laughing about this pretty hard when I came up with the idea!

    Part of the fun is figuring out who you know that would actually be crazy enough to run with the idea …

    Everybody knows somebody!

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