Getting Creative Fuel

Creative GalleryExercise your brain.

It’s easy to get burned out if you do the same thing the same way at the same time every same day of the week. But that’s the beauty of the internet. It’s endless. And it’s full of endless ideas, large and small, that can all throw a little fuel on your creative fire when you need it.

And even if you don’t need it, it’s good to exercise your brain anyway. So here are a few things to go check out:

Rob Watts over at Yack Yack wants you to ask yourself “What’s my tumbleweed ratio?“. He’s even going to put together a WordPress plugin that figures it out for you. For now, exercise your brain and do the math.

Everybody has dropped something in the toilet at one point or another. It’s at that moment you have decide; flush or fish? But what if it’s your iPod? Mark Robinson explores the science of iPod retrieval. I don’t know why this wasn’t in the Worst-Case-Scenario survival guide.

Ever just want to punk somebody? How about punking everybody? It happened, and Dave Zatz reveals all. Now zatz funny!

If all else fails you can step into the world of Q. No, not the weird guy from Star Trek. I’m talking about Ms Q (miscue?). Take a ride through her fantasy world and then remember … even though you’re not 10 anymore, you still have a brain.

Exercise it.

7 thoughts on “Getting Creative Fuel”

  1. Shane: what an intro and you’re the ONLY person that ever mentioned how my name could be read as “miscue!”

    Yes, this IS one of the many meanings I have given my nome de blog. I wondered if anyone would pick that up.

    I’m glad you commented on my site – I went to visit the other sites you included along with mine and yep, more bookmarks (including yours).

  2. Glad you dropped in Ms. Q!

    I was saying to myself “Ms. Q, Ms. Q, Ms. Q. …”, and then bam! miscue!!

    Thanks for the inspiring post. I enjoyed it. And I’ll be back for more!

  3. Hey Shane, thanks for the mention

    Great food for thought!

    We all need to play a little and sometimes those little distractions can be that handy little diversion that takes us up ‘creative street’ .

    We all know someone who has worked too hard and burnt out as a result. I’m convinced that play and similar diversions sure help avoid it!

  4. I’ve dropped my slvr phone in the toilet! Not cool…I fished it out, luckily AFTER I flushed. Unfortunately, It doesn’t work 🙁

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