Do Something Different Today. It Just Might Save Your Life

Beautiful Valley

Imagine you live in a lush and bountiful valley. Everything you could possibly need is there; family, friends, a generous harvest … even the weather seems to slide into that perfect temperature everyday. What else could you possibly want?

The answer is part of human nature. The answer is “something different”.

Doing the Same Thing Everyday Can Be a Death Sentence

Every day there’s a new study telling us how something is bad for us. And then (usually the same afternoon) there’s another study to tell us the wonderous benefits of that exact same thing.

Confusing, isn’t it? Luckily, there’s a wisdom that’s been passed down through the ages to cut through all the rhetoric and opinion and it goes something like this: All things in moderation.

It’s true; it’s TOO MUCH of anything that can hurt you. That’s why snake charmers ingest small quantities of venom to build up an immunity over time. It’s why even the coffee manufacturers say you shouldn’t drink more than 5 cups a day. It’s why you should limit your exposure to the sun. It’s why you should limit your cellphone usage.

There are innocent dangers all around us. We can’t avoid them all.

But by practicing “all things in moderation” and by doing something different today, you can limit your exposure and hedge your bets.

Everything is perfect in the valley.

But just over the hill, there’s something different.

2 thoughts on “Do Something Different Today. It Just Might Save Your Life”

  1. great advice. this is something i have to tell myself fairly often. i have a tendency to “overdo” it. because i’m very passionate about what i do, i often spend too much time working. it’s important to balance your life; to make sure you don’t neglect the many other things that are important. such as your loved ones and your health.

  2. Hey Stinson,

    Yeah, it’s very easy to jump into a project with both feet – it’s funny that despite our “A.D.D. society”, even too much focus means there’s not enough balance.

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