Leadership Hats: The Sombrero

Mexican Sombrero

I know, I know … you’re a machine. And I know if they could bottle the drive and passion you put into every second of the day, a crate of the stuff would be worth a king’s ransom.

But even machines need an oil change and a tune-up once in a while.

A Very Important Leadership Hat

Out of all the different hats that leaders wear, the sombrero (or as I like to call it, the siesta-time hat) earns the least respect. But it’s one of the more important hats you can wear. And probably not for the reasons you’re thinking.

Yes, the sombrero combats fatigue and burn-out and helps you bring some balance to the mad dash of whatever you’re pursuing. It also does two other very important things:

  1. It gives you room for improvement. With anything you’re working on there are always a hundred little pieces to the puzzle. And when everything is moving at light speed and you’ve got to get all those pieces put together right now, you don’t really have time to make sure they’re the best pieces. A little siesta time removes you from the daily grind and lets you put some thought into each of them. So instead of just focusing on getting them done, you can work on better ways to get them done.
  2. It gives you a look at new horizons. Just as important as looking at all the pieces of the puzzle is seeing the big picture. You need the big picture; that view from 50,000 feet. It’s the only way to see if you’ve got a hundred miles of pristine train track in front of you or a washed out bridge and a date with gravity down the line. Stepping back and looking at different things from different perspectives also gives you new insights into new directions. If you can completely separate yourself from the tasks at hand, you can find all sorts of new and exciting opportunities. Opportunities that are not found within the confines of the pieces or the big picture you’re working on.

The next time something doesn’t feel like it’s on track, or good enough, or bringing in enough new opportunities … lead the way. Put on your sombrero and step away from it for a while.

And don’t forget the tequila.

2 thoughts on “Leadership Hats: The Sombrero”

  1. I think The Sombrero is the most important hat for a small business owner to wear because it gives them a chance to be who they are, not the person they think others want to see.

    The Sombrero should be worn to networking events almost exclusively (in addition to the times you feel it should be worn) – being yourself at a networking event and having a good time and just getting to know people will set you apart from the business card pushers and deer in the headlights wanderers.

    Being relaxed and enjoying yourself can bring you more business, plus you got to actually have a good time and feel social at the event.

    ….and as long as you don’t go all freaky-deaky-doo you can even have some Tequila *grin*

  2. Absolutely Jenny,

    Business people get together socially to get a feel for one another. Everybody wants to know just who it is they’re doing business with and we all want build those relationships into strong ones … and okay, easy on the tequila 😀

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