Meme Racking

Meme Rack

Yep, the memes have been racking up for a bit.

It seems I get tagged for one every week. Since I write 5 posts a week, participating inย all of themย would take up about 20% of my content. That’s a little much. I like participating in them. I also like efficiency.

So I thought I’d save up a few and do them all at once …

1. Being Productive Online

I was tagged by Charity over at Design Adaptions for this one. I think I answered this somewhat with my last post on Getting Things Done. Online … same deal.

2. Eight Random Facts About Me

Robin from Fortune Watch tagged me for the “8 random facts about me” meme. Here’s four:

  • I’m the only person I know that doesn’t own a cell phone. Seriously.
  • The most comfortable shoes I ever bought were a pair of Hawk skate shoes. I bought two pairs. I miss all four of them deeply.
  • When I was 9, our Siamese cat saved me from the Rottweiller down the lane when it got loose one day. Never mess with a Siamese when she’s decided she’s not going to run.
  • The Diving Bell spider lives underwater in a pocket of air that it brings down and traps beneath the web it weaves in the water flora. It’s not a fact about me, but it’s a fact. And it’s pretty cool.

3. If I Could Only Read 5 Blogs

Nate tagged me for this one. This one is really hard. Not because I don’t have 5 favorite blogs but because I really don’t want to leave a lot of other blogs out. Blogging can be amazingly rewarding. Done right, a blog is full of blood, sweat and tears. And if I drop by your blog even occasionally, it’s because you made it worth my time. And well worth it.

  • Smart Wealthy Rich. Jon makes me think. He makes me need to comment on what he writes. He’s also been a huge supporter of Zoomstart. Which compels me to write on the odd day when I don’t want to.
  • Nate Whitehill. Nate’s been another huge supporter of this blog. The beauty of his blog is that he’s a true up-and-coming entrepreneur. He’s not going to tell you how to do stuff that doesn’t work. It’s tried. It’s tested. It’s true.
  • Copyblogger. I don’t read Brian Clark’s blog everyday. But when I need to … I really, really need to.
  • Freelance Switch. Cyan, Jack and Collis have put together a blog of immeasurable success in literally a matter of weeks. And not without good reason. Just read it.
  • Jane May Blogs. This girl is gonna take over the whole freakin’ internet. Watch and see. And learn.

If you’re reading this sentence, you’ve been tagged. It’s now your sworn duty to carry on one of these memes. Or all of them.

Or start one of your own.

14 thoughts on “Meme Racking”

  1. Hi Shane,

    Thanks for participating mate. If you are the only person who doesn’t carry a cell phone, I don’t think you are missing much, sometimes cellphones can be a pain and you know where. I have a friend here, a businessman and a busy guy, he doesn’t carry a cellphone and insists he is not missing anything. Thats cool.

    Take care and Cheers.

  2. You don’t have a cell phone? Shane! Do you realize you’re saving money? I mean, seriously, how can you live without a cell phone? Come on you need one! (just kidding!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Wow, i’m happy to hear (read) i’m in the “5 blogs you’d read”! Yours is definitely close to the top of my list, it’s really a great feeling to see my blog listed there with those amazing blogs! That really made my day!

  3. Haha.

    I always quote John Travolta in Be Cool when people get cocky with me about not having a cell phone …. “When you’re more important, people will wait”.

    Seriously though, it’s hard to negotiate well or just enjoy your day when you’re too accessible.

  4. haha, good one! People will wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You’re right, being too accessible can take away big blocks of time, you’ll never get back. Sometimes i wish i didn’t have a cell phone.. sometimes i just want to turn it off, but can’t.. damn technology! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Hey PB,

    They’re all great blogs! I didn’t know you started this. I haven’t been getting around to everybody’s blogs as much as I like … been wrestling with my computer for a few days.

    Hi Rajesh,

    I love email. I use Thunderbird and it just autochecks every 10 minutes to see if “I’ve got mail”. When I want to get some work done, I just shut it down and check it later.

  6. Hi Hannes,

    Copyblogger is great. And yep … I can count on one hand the times I really could have used a cell phone. I survived them all ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. What a good sport! I must’ve tagged you before realizing you had already written your Getting Things Done post, but thanks for the mention. Didn’t mean to try and make you repeat yourself. ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Hi Charity,

    I’m pretty sure I wrote it after you tagged me – I just didn’t get around to reading WHAT the meme was about until afterwards …

    been a little crazy-busy the past couple weeks.

  9. Hey Gregg,

    I don’t know if I could ever own one. The whole idea of not having one is bigger than me. It’s become a part of my personal brand ๐Ÿ™‚

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