The Power of Focusing on Results

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First off, welcome to all of you who are recent Zoomstart subscribers. This post, in a roundabout way, is about you. Read on …

After starting Zoomstart last year and blogging away for about 9 months, I managed to gain about 200 subscribers. I stopped writing for a few months because of other commitments, and then about a month ago I started writing again. And in the last month my subscriber count has rocketed up to around 300.

Okay, those don’t seem like earth shattering numbers, but a 50% gain in subscribers in one month compared to the results of the entire previous year is very significant. Annualized, it’s a 600% increase year over year.

Don’t Focus on the Goal … Focus on the Result

The reason for this big increase in Zoomstarters is because I focused the blog (theme design, etc) on results rather than goals.

Err … what’s the difference?

The difference is small. It’s subtle. And it’s extremely powerful. An example goal is “I want to increase my subscribers”. But the difference that comes from focusing on results goes more like this: “I want more people to subscribe”.

Did you see it? The difference. Subtle isn’t it.

A goal gets your brain into the mode of thinking ‘Here’s what I want to do’. But a result; a beautiful, wonderful, amazing and just maybe earth shattering result gets your brain thinking in an entirely different mode. You start thinking ‘Here’s how I actually do it’.

A result is more action oriented and “where you want to go” is already built in to it. And that lets you focus on solutions to the real question which is “How do I get there”.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, goals can steer you off course. Goals can be cliche. They can be all glitz and glam. Self indulgent. Egotistical. They can even be simply unattainable. The point is, goals have a way of selling themselves as great ideas.

But only results get results.

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