Paris Hilton And The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Business Model

Paris Hilton

Love her or hate her, Paris Hilton’s camp has mastered the art of business. And her business model is driven by the turbo-charged law of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Her core business is not acting or singing. It’s promotion. She promotes people, places and products. And she does that by promoting herself and then attaching herself to the things she promotes through appearances and various media forms.

So no matter what’s said in the media, it’s PR, and it’s good for business. It’s what her clients pay good money for.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy As A Business Model

The most powerful thing you can use to create a self-fulfilling prophecy is adversity. There are a lot of business opportunities in adverse situations. The formula is simple; see a problem, create a solution, make money.

The only catch when it comes to taking advantage of adversity is that you have no control over what the problem is. Or where it is. Or even when it’s going to happen. But what if you could control all that?

Suddenly, everything changes … CREATE the problem, create the solution, make money.

Much more lucrative.

The Paris Hilton Business Model

As I mentioned, her business is promotion. She’s built a very strong brand. And the more media attention she gets, the more media attention her clients get when they’re by her side. It’s that simple.

The self-fulfilling prophecy part is this: Her brand is so strong that if media outlets don’t cover her, they’re losing viewers to those that do. That’s one of the problems she creates and solves.

The other problem that works to her advantage comes from the first. The more media attention she gets, the less there is to go around to cover other people. Which creates adversity for others. And they have to come to her to “be seen”. Which fuels her business forward and makes it stronger.

The self-fulfilling prophecy model is so powerful because it works both the supply and demand side of the market at the same time. It does this by creating both the problem and the solution.

And if you’ve read through this entire post and you’re still thinking about the latest Paris happenings, then maybe my writing needs work.

Or maybe. It’s just a testament to how powerful this concept is. And how well she’s leveraged it.

10 thoughts on “Paris Hilton And The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Business Model”

  1. This reminds me of all the “rumors” I’ve heard for years about how the Anti-virus Software Companies are the ones who create and unleash viruses across the net………creating the problem they have the solution for.

  2. Anthony,

    Couldn’t have put forth a better example myself!

    There are always a few rumors floating around about this kind of thing in politics and business. A softer approach is just using the hype of “the fear of not having it” to sell it.

  3. Danielle,

    It’s a very controversial topic. I’ve had some discussions with people on it.

    I’m glad it made you think … a lot of people get wrapped up in what they think of Paris and can’t see the potency of the concept and how well it works.

    Course, if everybody did, it wouldn’t work anymore.

  4. This is fantastic. I love it 🙂 A real, honest look at the power of Paris (and Kim’s to an extent) business models.

    How she creates the supply and demand is particularly interesting, Apple did something similar.

    Great food for thought 😀

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