The Video Calling Cellphone Is Here

Rogers Samsung Video Calling

It’s not just about the coolest phone anymore. It’s about the coolest phone service.

Rogers has just finished putting together a high speed wireless data network in Southern Ontario. It’s the first of its kind in North America. What they’ve really done is connected the cellphone to the web like never before.

And they’ve upped the ante for every other cellular provider out there with video calling.

Up and till now, video calling has been relegated to landlines, clunky contraptions, James Bond movies and Skype. Going ultra-portable like this is a huge step.

The network is limited right now. And they only have one phone, the Samsung A706, that’s HSDPA ready. But the cell biz is a heavily competitive business. It won’t be long before Rogers expands the network, and adds more phones into the mix. And once some of the big players jump in, video calling should expand pretty quickly.

Here’s What The Phone And The Network Can Do:

  • Video Calling. The big feature here. The cellphone paparazzi just got a whole lot faster.
  • YouTube. That’s right, surf your way through YouTube right from your phone.
  • Video on Demand. Sports clips, news, celebrity gossip … pick your poison.
  • Radio on Demand. XM radio anywhere, anytime. How long is it going to take before everybody has their own ‘On Hold’ music.
  • Music. Maybe radio just doesn’t cut it. You want to listen to what you want to listen to. Cool. Download music or listen to streaming clips.
  • Mobile TV. How many people are gonna get fired over this one after taking an hour long bathroom break at the same time every day. 

Check out the Rogers Vision demo. Cellphones and text messaging have changed the way we communicate on the go like nothing before them.

Well, hang on. There’s a new revolution in town.

3 thoughts on “The Video Calling Cellphone Is Here”

  1. umm, now that’s cool! Though i’m still stuck with my Sony Ericsson T610 (mwaa!! i know it’s bad!). I’d love to get an IPhone, but this one looks real nice, price is ok too, around $450 without contract ($99 with 3-years term)

    mm, makes me think it’s about time i change my phone (and switch provider)


  2. Sounds like a great phone, but personally I’m not into all the cameras, video and whatever else options on my phone. I like to use my phone to text and call..that’s it! 😀

    The Rogers logo looks like the Chase logo you see on television

  3. Jon,

    I didn’t look into how much the video calling service costs per minute. Maybe it’s the same as regular calling. It will be eventually, but that’s going to be a big factor in how fast this technology takes off.


    Keep it simple. I hear ya. But it is a pretty cool phone and service!

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