The Agloco Autopsy. Or, How To Diagnose Your Business Problems

Business Examiner

Agloco is long gone now. And if you’re not familiar with it, Agloco was a web start-up whose premise was to pay people to surf the web.

There was a massive amount of buzz surrounding the company when it jumped onto the scene. I was never very interested in it, but there is some value in looking at WHY it didn’t work, and luckily I have a system for evaluating business problems we can use …

The Business Autopsy Tools

I talk a lot about what I call the business chain; which is doing the right things in the right order to build a successful business. The chain goes like this:

People => Plan => Sales => Capital => Purchasing … in that order.

The really cool thing about it is, if you start at the end and work your way backwards through the chain, you’ve got a very systematic way to pinpoint the problem areas in a business. You can use this in your own business.

And to show you an example, let’s pull out the reverse business chain and open up Agloco with it.

Scalpel, Please …

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“Google Share Price Plunges 80% …”

Google Stock

Could it actually happen? Read on …

Google invests in (or buys) a lot of very innovative web projects; YouTube, Firefox, Android, and many more. And their share of search engine traffic is growing. It’s not inaccurate to describe Google as unassailable, even in the face of controversy.

All Roads Lead to AdWords

But despite all the innovation they’ve brought to the web, from a business perspective, they’ve often been described as a one trick pony.

And the trick is called AdWords.

It’s the only thing they’ve ever made serious money at, and serious money they do make. And this is where the problem lies. AdWords is a pinch point. Damage AdWords and you damage all that Google is.

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Turning your Blog into a “King-maker”

Blog King

For the last couple years I’ve played with quite a few different ideas on the net. The more you learn about how different things work, what works and what doesn’t work, the better results you get.

The great thing about a blog is it can be a lot of things; an outlet for writing, a marketing tool for a business, or an income-earning business in itself. And the power and ease of using WordPress to build blogs or affiliate sites or whatever you can dream up is pretty much without equal.

What Works When it Comes to Building an Online Business

Lots of things work, and most of them are really hit and miss if you don’t get all the ingredients just right. But there are a couple of “internet truths” that never seem to fail when you put them together … content is king and traffic is queen. Period.

A blog with consistently great content (a voice), and significant traffic (an audience) can consistently play king-maker … and by that I mean; you talk about it and it turns to gold. As long as you’re true to your audience you can promote a lot of great things. And do it quite lucratively.

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Blog Action Day 2007: The Environment

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Top 10 Things Every Spammer Should Know

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Webolution: Blogging is Changing. Forever.

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Blogonomics Part 2: Your Best Competitors are your Best Friends

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A New Meeting Place for Freelancers and Webtrepreneurs!

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