Winning the Fight Against “The Little Things”

First, click Refresh on your browser to view the new theme correctly. Working on a new theme for Zoomstart is just one of the “little things” that has consumed a lot of my time lately. Other things include Summer and studying the art of blogging. Currently I’m also reading a brilliant book suggested by a … Read more

PPA Referral Ads by Google ups the Ante

Every time you turn around there’s another article about how poor a revenue source Google AdSense is for most blogs and websites. The truth is, it’s great for very large and well known sites that get a lot of competitive bidding on site targeted ads. And if you get bigger than big, you can negotiate … Read more

The Zoom Guide To Writing High Traffic Blog Posts

Did the headline get your attention? I hope so. That’s its job. For the last week I took a little hiatus from blogging to go to blog-writing school. Where is this school? It’s all around you. There are eBooks, blogs, and blog posts that can teach you everything you want to know about how to … Read more

What Is Blogonomics? Content. Brilliant Content

Outside of the fame and the fortune (or quest for them), blogging is about writing. There’s absolutely nothing more rewarding if you’re a writer than to have people read what you wrote because you wrote something worth reading. And as for fame and fortune … that’s just a product of what you wrote. At least, … Read more

The South Park Meme

I see quite a few charicatures around the net, and the other day my head wandered into the thought “I wonder what I’d look like in South Park”? So, I thought I’d check online for some SP pics and use them as a model to create my own likeness in Photoshop. And then I ran … Read more


This is one of those regular posts I write that’s in serious need of some branding. Maybe I should call it … oh wait a minute, Nate already writes a list called Powerful Posts. Well, I’m sure I’ll figure out what to call this one of these days. The last time, I called it Leviathan … Read more

The Ultimate Blogging Resource Page

What if you could narrow your search to find the best information on the web?  Google Co-op is a cool little feature that allows you to create your own custom search engine. It’s a little different than Site-search because you can add as many different websites to search as you want. It also has a number … Read more

Leviathan Ran. And Other Free Associations

There’s a lot of chatter lately about how difficult it is to write a blog. After a while, a lot of people just run out of ideas and throw in the towel. Maybe this will help …  Blogging is about writing, more than anything else. And you have to exercise that.  This is a creative writing … Read more