The Real Crooks And Liars Website

If you follow today’s world of slash-and-burn politics, you probably know the site Crooks and Liars. Well, the real crooks and liars website is White Collar Fraud and it’s a great read. White Collar Fraud is the blog of Sam E. Antar. Sammy was the CFO for Crazy Eddie, a consumer electronics chain from the … Read more

Technorati Blog Claiming

This post has only one function. Okay, actually it has two. The main function is to have a post with my Technorati blog claim code embedded in it so that Technorati can verify that this is my blog and list it under my profile. Here’s the tag! Technorati Profile If that’s all this post was for, … Read more

Huffington Post Starts The “Political Digg” With Huffit

Huff It? Huffing? Are you a Huffer? There are no heated debates or flame wars on the internet like there are on political blogs like Huffpo. Usually they only happen on Liberal sites like Huffpo because most of the Conservative blog sites mediate out a lot of criticism. Voting And Politics … Hand In Hand … Read more

It’s A Google World … And It’s Good For $2500 A Share!

If you bought Google shares during their IPO at $85, you made 5 times your money in about a year. Can you do that by buying Google stock today? No. But … Google shares are currently around $500. Could they go to $2500 within 5 years? I’m thinking yes. I just pulled that number out … Read more

Bidding On and Buying a Domain Name

I did a bad, bad thing. I jumped into a negotiation without preparing a gameplan first. On the upside, I got what I wanted for much less than I was prepared to pay. I’ve been thinking about the domain for a while now. It’s catchy, easy to spell, and it pretty much sums up … Read more