The Ultimate Blogging Resource Page

What if you could narrow your search to find the best information on the web? 

Google Co-op is a cool little feature that allows you to create your own custom search engine. It’s a little different than Site-search because you can add as many different websites to search as you want. It also has a number of other customization features.

So I thought I’d put together a custom search bar for bloggers. I’ve included a great selection of top notch sites where you can find all the best information about blogging, from advertising to writing and everything in between. Enjoy.

The Ultimate Blogging Resource search bar

Start searching …

Google Custom Search

What Sites Are Included In The Search?

The engine gives priority search to the following sites. It also searches the entire web, so if there’s another blog or website that has better information on what you’re trying to find, the engine should pick it up.

Dosh Dosh
Jennifer Slegg
Matt Cutts
SEO Book
Weblog Tools Collection
Zoomstart (I know, but hey, couldn’t resist)

Check out Google Co-op and put your own customized perfect search engine together. All you need is a subject and a list of great authoritive sites on the subject to drop into the engine. 

*Update. Added the following site:

Daily Blog Tips (Thanks Maki!)

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blogging Resource Page”

  1. Dosh Dosh is probably the newest of all the sites included in the search bar … but it’s quickly become one of great authority and even greater content.

    Thanks for your input Maki!

    Very much appreciated and I’ve added Daily Blog Tips. I popped over there for a visit and the very first article was something I wanted some blogging advice on (including dates in page titles). Lot of great stuff there.

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