Partner Up … Your Way To The Fortune 500

Partner Up

I got an email from Mike at PartnerUp inviting me to take a look at their site and share some thoughts on it.

I like it. I like it a lot.

What PartnerUp does is match vision and talent. The importance of this when it comes to building a fortune 500 company from a great idea can’t be overstated. Some of the biggest, most successful ventures on the planet are the result of successful partnerships.

Think About These People For A Second

Bill Gates and Paul Allen

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

The list of great partnerships in business history goes on and on. The reason? Vision and execution ability are seldom found in the same person.

We all have some of each. But it’s extremely rare to find both of these qualities in a single person. And, in the calibre that it takes to build a successful company. It’s a lot easier with a great partnership.

How PartnerUp Gets You There

Whether you have the vision or the talent to execute, PartnerUp is a meeting place to find a great partner. And they’ve got the formula right. Which is probably why they’ve built up a membership that’s 10,000 strong after a little over a month.

There are people that have brilliant ideas every day. They just don’t know how to “get there”. On the other hand, some people know how to get there. They’re just not sure where “there” is. If this is the territory you’re sitting in, you need a partner. A partner, that’ll help you move forward by taking a lot of the fear out of the risk.

And not to just leave it at that, PartnerUp also hosts real estate listings. Which is a great value added feature of the site because once you’ve got your partnership rolling, you need somewhere to get started.

I see a lot of great partnerships and future Nasdaq powerhouses coming out of PartnerUp. Check it out. Maybe one of them will be yours.

Final Thoughts

In Nascar racing you can draft up behind a car and use the reduced wind resistance to slingshot forward. That’s what partners do for each other. Said another way …

Every Batman needs a Robin. And vice-versa.

9 thoughts on “Partner Up … Your Way To The Fortune 500”

  1. Hey Anthony,

    The team at PartnerUp practices what they preach. They’ve put together talent and vision and rolled it all up into a great concept and a great site.

  2. Thanks Shane for sharing the website link.

    I’d stumbled upon it a week back or so. Found the concept very interesting. But PartnerUp hasn’t opened its doors to the international crowd.

    Only people from USA can signup.

  3. Ankesh,

    It’s a great concept. I’m sure at the rate they’re growing, they’ll be looking to go international before you know it.

    You might want to drop them a line and see what their plans are and if they have a timeline for that yet.

  4. That’s a good idea to contact them Robin.

    The more interest they get from other countries, the more they’ll see the need to expand into those markets more quickly.

    It’s a global world, and with the internet and all the communications capabilities it provides, international partnerships are something that’s happening more and more.

  5. My brother and I compliment each other very well 😀 We have the same goals and visions for the future! Plus, we both won’t quit until we succeed!

    Partnerships also help lessen the workload…You must learn to trust someone else as well!


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