What Is Blogonomics? Content. Brilliant Content

American Beauty bag in the wind

Outside of the fame and the fortune (or quest for them), blogging is about writing. There’s absolutely nothing more rewarding if you’re a writer than to have people read what you wrote because you wrote something worth reading.

And as for fame and fortune … that’s just a product of what you wrote. At least, what you wrote that was worth reading.

There are a thousand tips, tricks, and strategies for taking a blog to dizzying heights of stardom. They include traffic building schemes, social networking, SEO, and a host of other ideas, topics, and experiments.

Brilliant content trumps them all.

I came across the latest Wise Camel post the other day. I didn’t have to wonder how a blog with only 4 posts and next to no comments could garner so much attention with one page. The answer was easy. It’s, in short, brilliant. And again and again, I see brilliant content that transcends everything else a blogger can do.

Making Money With Blogonomics

On the internet, traffic is synonymous with economics. That’s the easy part. And if writing brilliant posts is the key to traffic, then at the expense of every other strategy, optimization, and leverage you can harness, nothing should divert you from the task of writing brilliantly.

Forget about your blog design. Don’t be concerned with proper ad placement. Don’t be too concerned with anything except writing the absolutely best stuff you can possibly write.

Leave your sweat on the page. And your blood.

That’s just good blogonomics.

Writing Brilliant Content

I’ve been trying to make some time to think about what I write and how I write lately. And how often I should write. And how long it takes to write brilliant content. I haven’t spent nearly enough time thinking about these things, so this post is the start of those thoughts.

Back to the Wise Camel. And a story of strippers. There’s a lot to learn from that post. A lot about blogonomics, about brilliant content. And even though, on the surface it might seem like some kind of pop-fueled pandering piece of linkbait, somewhere, Hemingway is nodding, Shakespeare is laughing, and Henry Miller is, well, probably still wondering where his next cigarette might come from.

The Making Of A Brilliant Post


You can’t decide who you fall in love with. Chemistry just happens. Writing is like that. When it comes to writing, it’s often the inspired post you wrote in 10 minutes that travels around the world. While the smart and well researched ones stay home. Inspiration is fire. And it fires us up like nothing else can. It’s a thought you can’t shake. It’s a merging of ideas that shouldn’t go together but do. It’s what you feel in your gut that takes your words away.

And then hopefully, gives them back.

There are a thousand tips, tricks, and strategies.

Inspiration builds great walls. It tears them down. It turns a paper bag playing in the wind into a five-time Academy Award winning movie. Inspiration is how a man who spent a lifetime inventing and engineering could paint the most famous smile in the world.

And it’s just good blogonomics.

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  1. Raincoaster, thanks for dropping by. Snarkless or not 🙂

    Hey Chris,

    Yeah that’s the big trick. Theoretically, you can take good content and work hard to get it out there, or take brilliant content and “let” it out there. And let it do its thing.

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