Don’t Let The Darkness Scare You

This post has always been in the queue to publish itself automatically if I don’t reset the timestamp every day. If you’re reading this now, it means the mothership has arrived. I’m going home. Thankyou people of Earth.

Just kidding. I hate it when a blog I like goes silent. And there’s no explanation or idea of why. Or when the blogger will resume. Or if.

I wouldn’t do that to you.

I’m Taking A Week Off

I kind of alluded in my previous post, blogonomics about putting some serious thought into what it is I’m writing here. Over the last several weeks or so I’ve been reading a lot of different stuff; ebooks, blog posts. And I’ve been keeping my eye on a few blogs with serious zoom.

We all strive to learn more about what we’re doing, and how to do it better. And probably a lot of the time we take in information without stopping and taking the time to seriously understand it and USE it.

‘Cause hey, we’re busy.

Creating A Pattern Interrupt

I’ll be around. I just won’t be writing and posting on Zoomstart for the next week. What I’m doing is looking at what I write. Why. How. For what purpose. I’m also looking at a bunch of material and notes I have on some things I was writing before I started Zoomstart.

So I’ll be thinking, plotting, focusing, strategizing and organizing. There won’t be any big changes. No new amazing Wordpress theme. No big re-launching fanfare. I’ll just be back. Focused. And putting the best content on the page that I possibly can.

Until then. It’ll be a little quiet. A little dark.

But I’ll keep a light on.

14 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Darkness Scare You”

  1. hahaha. Dude, you had me going. I was about to call in to Coast to Coast AM!

    Seriously, good idea to stop and re-group now and again.

  2. Ha … make the call!

    Yep, it’s time for a little restructuring and organizing. I was thinking about doing it on the fly, but I’ve got other projects that demand my time as well.

    The great thing about blogging is you can take a little break and just leave a note on the door … “back in 5”.

  3. Hey Shane, that is a really good idea! taking some time off, re-evaluate, think, and come back with a fresh perspective. Everyone should do that from time to time, it can only help us grow 🙂

  4. Hey Jon,

    I think it’s very important. I’ve been focused in on the “grind” the last couple months. Makes it difficult to see where I’m going, so a step back and a look-see at the 10,000 ft level is the best way to get a clear picture of the road ahead.

  5. Sounds great 😀 It’s always a great idea to take a break and look at what you’ve done, what you wish to accomplish and so forth…Looking forward to your return, even stronger!


  6. Thanks Gregg.

    It’s been very productive so far.

    I’ve been doing some reading, a little spying … plotting, charting, dissecting, formulating, graphing … ha … or some such nonsense

  7. That’s a strong show of wisdom, Shane. Wise decisions are made in the midst of being still, not in the fray of everyday activity.

    Will be here when you get back…

  8. Hey Steve,

    Thankyou sir. I generally work well under pressure. But I’ve always gotten far better results by staring at the sky for an hour or two and wondering why it’s blue.

  9. That sounds like a great idea to me Shane, take some time out, review the situation and get back with a bang, probably start doing things a little differently, rather than the daily ho hum blogging. Got to do things a little different at times. Waiting for you to get back mate.

    Take care and cheers.

  10. Thanks Robin,

    My big goal is really simple; just to raise the quality and “interesting-ness” of what I’m writing.

    I’m building a sort of creative blueprint. Which sounds like an oxymoron … but it’s like world-class architecture. It serves a structural function and makes you go “wow, cool” at the same time.

  11. Hmmm it’s like seeing what you think Shane, and the chicken scratch is legible now, I don’t have to ask you what that word or letter is. Kinda neat site i think it might keep my head out of the primordial soup I work with. TTYL

  12. Haha

    Yeah Alex, my penmanship is not gonna win any awards.

    And good; when you’re in the “soup”, hopefully you can find an answer on here, or at least have a good laugh.

    Gotta get some lunch next time you’re in town.

  13. Well Shane for sure on the breakfast and I never really mind very much your penmanship because you allways made alotta sense (common sense) more than most people nowadays.

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