Building A Grass Roots Movement: The Billion Dollar Take-Down

I got an email from a friend the other day. You know the kind … the pass-it-to-10-people chain-mail powerpoint presentation kind. This one’s plight was simple: Stop buying gas at selected gas stations to spark a price war that would push the price of gas down. The Pitch In Canada, PetroCan and Shell are a … Read more

Aikido Negotiation Tactics

Good negotiation skill in business is critical to success. You’re buying, you’re selling, and you need to get the best deals possible or the numbers won’t add up. In The Art of Negotiation I layed out the basics of preparing to negotiate. I also stressed the importance of a win-win situation. The object of a … Read more

Trader Tom Strikes Again

A couple weeks ago, my good buddy Tom made 25% overnight by betting on bad news in the stock market. It’s a great example of how there’s opportunity in adversity. Well, he’s done it again. But this time he put his money down on good news. About 3 weeks ago he bought into a company called Radiant … Read more

Getting Creative Fuel

Exercise your brain. It’s easy to get burned out if you do the same thing the same way at the same time every same day of the week. But that’s the beauty of the internet. It’s endless. And it’s full of endless ideas, large and small, that can all throw a little fuel on your … Read more

The Real Million Dollar Man

Here’s a million dollar idea … for somebody. Usually, when you sit around and talk about famous million dollar ideas, you get a few of your own. Now I’m not going to do this … but someone might. The idea came up when I was talking with a buddy of mine about Alex Tew’s incredibly successful million dollar … Read more

Every Great Idea Needs The Right People To Execute It

Success happens when you do the right things and do them in the right order. In business, that means following the business chain. Companies that follow the business chain succeed. Those that don’t, fail. And it’s not just a formula for building success. It’s also a formula for trouble-shooting problems in your business and getting … Read more

Taking Risks … Are You Scared Riskless?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Chances are, this tiger can’t take down an elephant by itself. And the chances are, he’s going to get shot in the process. But if he can pull this off, everybody with stripes is gonna be eating real good for quite a while. That’s risk. Plain and simple. There are all … Read more

Delinquent Clients: Getting Paid 101

There are a few scary things that you have to face in business. Whether or not you’re going to get paid, and what happens if you don’t, is a big one. Especially if your business in new, small, and strapped for cash. That’s okay. There’s some things you can do. And for the most part, … Read more

Business Contracts Always Favour The Contract Writer

When two companies put a deal together, it’s usually the bigger, more established company that puts the contract on the table. That’s because they know from experience that if they take the time to write it up, they can write it in their favour. There Are Two Perspectives To Every Contract Any clause in a … Read more

Branding Your Blog. Does Your Blog Have A Greeter?

Whether you’re blogging for love or money, ultimately you want people to read what you write and you want your readership to grow. To help build your readership you need to be memorable. You have to build a brand. And that brand is you. Yes, you. There are a number of elements that go into … Read more