This is one of those regular posts I write that’s in serious need of some branding. Maybe I should call it … oh wait a minute, Nate already writes a list called Powerful Posts. Well, I’m sure I’ll figure out what to call this one of these days. The last time, I called it Leviathan … Read more

The Mechanics Of Limited Release Pricing

Ever wonder why that cool little indie film you wanted to buy was released on DVD for rental only? Well, it wasn’t exactly, but you wouldn’t want to buy it. Not yet. There are two radically different ways to price a flick when it first gets released on DVD. Sometimes the cost is 20 bucks. … Read more

Leadership Hats: The Fire Chief’s Helmet

Every leader has fires to put out. To do it right, you need the right hat. It’s time to put the Fire Chief’s helmet on. There are many hats to juggle when you’re leading a company or an organization. Some of the others I’ve talked about are the dunce cap and the inventor’s hat. The … Read more

Paris Hilton And The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Business Model

Love her or hate her, Paris Hilton’s camp has mastered the art of business. And her business model is driven by the turbo-charged law of self-fulfilling prophecy. Her core business is not acting or singing. It’s promotion. She promotes people, places and products. And she does that by promoting herself and then attaching herself to the … Read more

The Simplicity Challenge

One of your biggest challenges as a leader is to take the complicated and make it simple. There are a lot of fires to put out when you’re running a business. And it’s easy to run around and stamp out every new fire without stopping to survey the whole landscape. The reason is, the fires … Read more

The Ultimate Blogging Resource Page

What if you could narrow your search to find the best information on the web?  Google Co-op is a cool little feature that allows you to create your own custom search engine. It’s a little different than Site-search because you can add as many different websites to search as you want. It also has a number … Read more

Partner Up … Your Way To The Fortune 500

I got an email from Mike at PartnerUp inviting me to take a look at their site and share some thoughts on it. I like it. I like it a lot. What PartnerUp does is match vision and talent. The importance of this when it comes to building a fortune 500 company from a great … Read more

Folding Bikes Answer The Call To Conserve

Something cool for today. Folding or collapsable bikes have been around for 30 years. But now, they’re better, lighter, and there’s more room for them in a world of high oil prices and shrinking living spaces.   Another thing that’s really making them come in to their own is the array of lightweight materials available today. … Read more

44 Bootstrapping Tips And Ideas To Cut Costs For Your Company

A while ago I talked about the art of bootstrapping. It’s not as important as focusing on getting out and getting sales. But it’s still important. Especially for a new startup or a company that’s on shaky ground. There are all sorts of expenses that conspire to erode your cash and profitabilty. Sometimes it’s the … Read more