Don’t Let The Darkness Scare You

This post has always been in the queue to publish itself automatically if I don’t reset the timestamp every day. If you’re reading this now, it means the mothership has arrived. I’m going home. Thankyou people of Earth. Just kidding. I hate it when a blog I like goes silent. And there’s no explanation or … Read more

What Is Blogonomics? Content. Brilliant Content

Outside of the fame and the fortune (or quest for them), blogging is about writing. There’s absolutely nothing more rewarding if you’re a writer than to have people read what you wrote because you wrote something worth reading. And as for fame and fortune … that’s just a product of what you wrote. At least, … Read more

The South Park Meme

I see quite a few charicatures around the net, and the other day my head wandered into the thought “I wonder what I’d look like in South Park”? So, I thought I’d check online for some SP pics and use them as a model to create my own likeness in Photoshop. And then I ran … Read more

The Changing Landscape Of Business

Are you ready for it? Every product has a limited life cycle. That’s easy. But what happens when your entire industry changes? And where are you in the lifecycle of yours? The are a number of things that cause an industry to change. Some of the main factors are technology, globalization, and regulation. Any one … Read more

How Do You Market An Album … Every Way You Can

The music biz is a very competitive industry. For every great success story we hear about, there are plenty of failed attempts. But, that’s the same in every industry, and as with any venture you can jump into, it’s not about what you produce, but how well you sell it. A question I got a … Read more

Skip Tracing A Fly-By-Night Company: Getting Paid 201

Most of the time, getting paid 101 is everything you need to know about getting paid from a delinquent client. But sometimes, you get left on the hook by a fly-by-night company. One day … poof! … they’re gone. Email bounces, the phone is cut off, the website has been sold, and the office is … Read more

Breaking Out Of The Wash, Rinse, Repeat Cycle

There’s a balance somewhere in between what works and what’s never been tried yet that always yields the best results. No matter what you’re doing. On the one hand, success that’s repeatable is your best friend. On the other hand, someone else will always try something completely different and innovative that rockets past your process … Read more

Do You Think Like An Entrepreneur? … Let’s Find Out

A good friend of mine recently decided to start his own business. You might remember me talking about it and how leverage works. He’s partnering up with his brother, who has his own small painting business. There are a lot of decisions to make as an entrepreneur and their latest one involves transportation. They have an … Read more