Plan With Your Head, and Execute With Your Heart

It really is all about balance, and you can apply this idea to anything that you do. And to show you the power of the head and the heart together, I’m going to apply it to art, so you can “see” just how powerful this is.

1. First, we start with the head

This first painting is by world renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman and it’s called Alaska Light. The exactness and detail put it on the “head” end of the balance scale. But … and excuse my criticism here, there’s something missing. It’s flat. Static. We need to head to the other end of the scale …

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Conscious Productivity: Seeing the Forest, Not Just the Trees

Tree Forest

Tunnel vision is probably one of the best ways to create unproductive time. At a certain point it’s not focused concentration anymore. It’s just ignoring everything else and a lot of better opportunities. And it’s also limiting the angles and creativity you can apply to the current task.

Now surround yourself with a whole flock of tasks like that. It’s like being in the middle of a forest but you can’t see the forest or anything beyond it. No matter what direction you look in, all you see is trees.

You’re trapped.

Each one of those trees wants your attention. You have to get through one tree only to be greeted by another. And you have to clearcut valuable trees out of the way just to get some help in there.

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7 Ways to Get Your Entrepreneurial Brain Unstuck

The real hurtle is that in business, and in life, we’re often confined to operating within certain constraints. It’s called being “normal”. People will tell you to think outside the box, but when it comes to actually stepping outside that box … Radical change requires radical action. It’s time to push your keyboard to the … Read more

Do Something Different Today. It Just Might Save Your Life

Beautiful Valley

Imagine you live in a lush and bountiful valley. Everything you could possibly need is there; family, friends, a generous harvest … even the weather seems to slide into that perfect temperature everyday. What else could you possibly want?

The answer is part of human nature. The answer is “something different”.

Doing the Same Thing Everyday Can Be a Death Sentence

Every day there’s a new study telling us how something is bad for us. And then (usually the same afternoon) there’s another study to tell us the wonderous benefits of that exact same thing.

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3 Simple Ways to Battle Procrastination

Our most valuable asset is time. Procrastination is the enemy of time. To tackle it, we have to take Sun Tzu’s advice; “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. So let’s get to know procrastination a little … 1. Noun: Procrastination (pro’krastu’neyshun): To postpone doing what one should be doing. The simple definition tells … Read more

Outsourcing the Right Way by Creating a Talent Pool

Outsourcing your work is NOT about cost-cutting. If you believe it is, you have a 90% chance of getting exactly what you paid for. Garbage. Business success starts with having the right people. And outsourcing is about finding people who can do something better than you can, (and that’s where the cost savings really come … Read more

Getting Things Done: Zoom Start To Zoom Finish

I came across a great post about blogging yesterday that was guest blogged by Leo Babauta over at Freelance Switch. His own site, Zen Habits sounded catchy so I wandered by and found a really great post about getting things done. Leo reframes GTD to ZTD (Zen To Done) and he makes some great points … Read more