I’ve Got Mine. What are the 7 Wonders of YOUR World?

The voting has finally wrapped up on the New 7 Wonders of the World. It’s drawn a fair amount of criticism because it’s a private for-profit venture. And because, instead of relying on science and academic study, the new wonders have been chosen by online voting. Some of which are paid votes. But how much … Read more

Don’t Let The Darkness Scare You

This post has always been in the queue to publish itself automatically if I don’t reset the timestamp every day. If you’re reading this now, it means the mothership has arrived. I’m going home. Thankyou people of Earth. Just kidding. I hate it when a blog I like goes silent. And there’s no explanation or … Read more

Breaking Out Of The Wash, Rinse, Repeat Cycle

There’s a balance somewhere in between what works and what’s never been tried yet that always yields the best results. No matter what you’re doing. On the one hand, success that’s repeatable is your best friend. On the other hand, someone else will always try something completely different and innovative that rockets past your process … Read more

Leadership Hats: The Fire Chief’s Helmet

Every leader has fires to put out. To do it right, you need the right hat. It’s time to put the Fire Chief’s helmet on. There are many hats to juggle when you’re leading a company or an organization. Some of the others I’ve talked about are the dunce cap and the inventor’s hat. The … Read more

The Simplicity Challenge

One of your biggest challenges as a leader is to take the complicated and make it simple. There are a lot of fires to put out when you’re running a business. And it’s easy to run around and stamp out every new fire without stopping to survey the whole landscape. The reason is, the fires … Read more

The Art Of Balance

There are two great disciplines in art that stand opposite one another. And you can throw the concept at business or any other endeavor you choose. It sticks. And rather than being a master of one or the other, having a balance between them is what’s truly awe inspiring. Walking past a gallery, I saw … Read more

Six Degrees Of Recreation

I spent most of this last weekend out enjoying myself. I was getting some of my most important tasks done you might say. People connect with each other in all sorts of situations. But none greater than when everybody is having a good time. That’s why golf and doing lunch are so heavily prioritized in … Read more

The Importance Of A Team

You need a team effort to win, and mathematicians are proving that the team effort is your best chance of winning. Quadzilla puts a little black hat / white hat terminology on a unique problem reported by Sara Robinson that mathematicians and coders are trying to figure out. It’s called the hat problem and was created … Read more

The Most Important Task On Your To-Do List Today

“Have a beer”. Or something just like that. The idea comes from Matthew McConaughey in an interview he did on Leno or Conan (can’t remember which). It’s not the absolute most important task on the list. But it’s just as important as all the rest. On Your Own Terms Making a commitment to stop and … Read more